Role-based access control (RBAC)

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) in Phoenix & Tucson, AZ

Role-based access controls are a great way to track employees, and bring better control and order in the workplace. If you are looking for good role-based access control (RBAC) for your office or commercial business, give us a call at 520-231-2226.


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Access controls allow authorized personnel entry certain sectors or departments in an organization. Role-Based Access Control, or RBAC, allows for enhanced supervision when it's necessary. This can be extremely helpful in big organizations, with different sorts of employees in different roles.

Ever wonder why someone was where they weren’t supposed to be? Now you can effectively prevent that from happening with RBACs. You can even have control of your business from a remote location, granting or denying access at any time.

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Advantages of Role-Based Access Controls

  • Selective Access: RBAC systems allow you to grant entry to employees with certain roles.
  • Strengthen Security: Improved overall security because data & resources are limited to specific staff.
  • Flexibility: RBAC systems support users having multiple roles with specific permissions for each role.
  • Eliminate “insider threat”: RBACs ensure no one has the ability to tamper with data since everyone is tracked while on-site.
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Looking for More Types of Access Controls?

Connect Security offers many types of access controls for a wide range of commercial applications. Access controls we offer include: 

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With our high-tech RBACs, you can know in an instant who's entering your business, and track employees entering the premises at unexpected times. To strengthen the security of your business, office, or organization, call 520-231-2226 or contact us online. We are exclusively available in Florence, Maricopa, Casa Grande, Elfrida, and more areas across Arizona.

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