Rule-Based Access Control in Tucson & Casa Grande, AZ

A company's computer, network, and data resources may be accessed by its employees through a hierarchy of procedures and rules. Rule-based access control, also known as attribute-based access control (ABAC), enables or limits access to a company's computer infrastructure or systems based on rules/characteristics.

These rule-based access control attributes might include user designation, responsibilities, clearance, department or seniority. More attributes can include the resource(s) sought for access or action. Environmental factors (time of day, week, location, device used to access, or device hosting the resource) group even more attributes.

Connect Security provides affordable, advanced rule-based access control systems for businesses in TombstoneTucsonFlorenceCasa Grande, Benson, Bowie, and throughout our AZ service area. To learn more about our rule-based access control products and arrange a consultation, contact us online or call 520-231-2226.

installation of rule based access control system in office building

How Our Rule-Based Access Control Secures Companies

Rule-based access control gives monitors the ability to customize access based on numerous system factors, designations or rules. Access management is made considerably simpler to handle when explicit access restrictions are outlined for specific positions, devices or environments.

Access control is significant in our current on-demand era. With proper configuration, access control won't interfere with normal user activity while providing necessary safeguards for organizations. Rule-based access control benefits include:

  • Decrease IT and management support workload
  • Increase security and safety
  • Better compliance
  • Granular risk, threat, or usage detection
  • Only systems relevant to users can be accessed
  • More available bandwidth

Count on Connect Security For Advanced Rule-Based Access Control in Scottsdale

Connect Security has been a reliable service provider of superior, advanced security solutions for homes and businesses for many years in Benson, Green Valley, and other cities around the Arizona service area. We provide other access control services like touchless automatic door systems, key card readers, and more. To learn more and arrange a consultation, call us today at 520-231-2226 or contact us online.

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