Business Access Control in Tucson & Casa Grande

Access control systems can be a great security asset for an enterprise. Business Access control systems allow you to:

Business Access control systems
  • Restrict access to certain areas of the building/office;
  • Set varying levels of security depending on individual employees' needs and clearances;
  • Track who has entered certain access points; 
  • See analytics on employees' movements;
  • Receive alerts on suspicious activity and much more.

Many different kinds of commercial access control systems are available in the market for buyers to choose from according to their needs. We at Connect Security offer service for all kinds of them.

Connect Security is one of the leading business security, home security and automation, and fire alarm service providers in Oro Valley , Marana, Green Valley, Eloy, and throughout the Greater Tucson areas of Arizona. We have been providing the best business security service in the locality since 2008. We are a professional, licensed, insured, and bonded local security service company and provide all kinds of business security solutions including Access Control. 

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Types of Business Access Control Systems in Tucson, & Phoenix

Types of Business Access Control Systems

Cloud-Based Access Control

Cloud-based access control allows you to store access permission data and information in the cloud. This means that the administrator can manage the permissions from anywhere in the world! This makes overseeing and managing securities of multi-location facilities much easier. 

Mobile/Smartphone-Based Access Control

Mobile or smartphone or other mobile devices access control works on the same principle as mobile accessed email. You have to download the access control app on your mobile device. Once authorized, users can do the same things; sign in with their user account, and as soon as their authorized keys appear, select which door to open. 

IoT-Based Access Control

IoT is an integrated network of intelligent computing devices connected through the internet to communicate with each other without any human interference. It is the backbone of modern IoT access control systems. In this system, every lock, lock access controller, card reader, and other associated devices are assigned a separate IP address, which is used for communication among the devices. 

Stand Alone Access Control System

A standalone system is one of the simplest and most cost-effective access control systems. In this system, all of the equipment necessary to successfully secure an entrance is localized to the door, and access is granted upon the presentation of a valid code.

Discretionary Access Control (DAC) 

This type of access control security is suitable for small premises (for example premises with one or two doors). With discretionary access control, the end-user has the means to determine security level settings by granting access to others by lending them their key card or telling them the predetermined code. 

PC Networked System

With a PC networked system, all locally controlled doors are wired together creating a commutation path between them. This is controlled centrally by a PC running the relevant software required for your specific access control system.

We at Connect Security install all types of access control systems for businesses and premises of all sizes and types. 

Mandatory Access Control (MAC)

In this access control system,  only the owner and system administrator have management control of the access system. With MAC, the administrator will typically classify each individual end-user and provide them with a status that allows them to gain entry through some points of access, but not others, based on established security guidelines. Mandatory Access Control is generally utilized in organizations that need an increased emphasis on the security and confidentiality of data, for example, a military institution.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

With an RBAC system, access is determined by a system administrator and is based upon the end user’s role within a household or organization, therefore access privileges are defined by the limitations of their job responsibility. RBAC is the most sought-after access control system, highly demanded among households and business premises alike.

Door Entry Systems

Door Entry Systems are utilized in order to enable entry to visitors who cannot gain access through the Access Control System. For this, an entry panel is installed externally to the entrance, enabling visitors to request entry or call through to a security team to communicate.

Oro Valley Access Control Brands

Like different types there are also different brands that offer Access Control technologies such as Ring Doorbell, SkyBell Doorbell, and more. Connect Security can install, repair, replace any brands of access control.

Monitor Your Business with Access Control in Tucson & Phoenix, AZ

Access Control systems are designed to work together and provide simplicity in securing your business property throughout the Greater Tucson, AZ area. At Connect Security, we are experts in customizing security solutions for businesses based on what owners and managers find most important. Whether you seek key card reader, continental access, biometric reader, and Retna scan to your office on a 24/7 basis or a better way to deter intruders, we will deliver. When you need our services, contact us online or give us a call at 520-231-2226.

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