Fire Alarms for Detention & Correctional Occupancies in Tucson

Detention and correctional occupancies are those used for purposes such as correctional institutions, detention facilities, community residential centers, training schools, work camps, and substance abuse centers where occupants are confined or housed under some degree of restraint or security. Whichever the reason is detention or correctional facilities must also have fire alarms to protect their occupants. Connect Security provides the most reliable fire alarm installation services for detention & correctional occupancies in Tucson & Phoenix, AZ.

Our technicians have been designing, installing, and monitoring fire alarm systems for a decade for various other industries as well as residents & business owners in different locations throughout Arizona. Call Connect Security for your fire alarm needs at 520-231-2226 or click here to know more about our services.

Appropriate Safety Measures for Detention & Correctional Facilities

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The safety of all occupants in detention and correctional facilities should never be overlooked. Depending only on the evacuation of the building is not enough to ensure their protection from fire hazards. Appropriate arrangement of those facilities should include adequate, trained staff and development of operating, security, and maintenance procedures comprising the following:

  • Design, construction, and compartmentation
  • Provision for detection, alarm, and extinguishment
  • Fire prevention and planning, training, and drilling programs for the isolation of fire and the transfer of occupants to areas of refuge, for evacuation of the building, or for
  • protection of the occupants in place
  • Provision of security to the degree necessary for the safety of the public and the occupants of the facility

Connect Security has years of experience in providing appropriate fire safety measures installed in all types of residential and commercial facilities. We have a team of experts who are specially trained to provide such services in detention & correctional residential properties.

Trust Connect Security for Fire Alarm Systems

As experts in home security, automation, and video surveillance, the technicians at Connect Security can identify, install, and maintain the perfect system to fit the needs of your property. If you need a fire alarm system then  Contact us online for more information or call us today at 520-231-2226 to schedule an appointment in Chandler Heights, Maricopa, Fountain Hills, Valley Farms, Arizona City, and any other parts within our service area.

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I highly recommend this company! They are always quick to resolve any issue or question I may have. The techs are friendly, quick, and always on time. It's rare to find good customer service anymore, but they are top notch!

- Amie Westfall

Great group of people. My alarm system was a pain in the butt and I made it worse with my last minute mind changes. They never missed and beat and took care of my house and did everything that was needed and more! I also no longer have the old outdated key pad I finally have a nice touchscreen!

- Jon Bradford

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