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Everyone who has ever thought about selling their home has heard the conventional wisdom on how to increase a home’s value with minimal investment. Usually, the advice is to upgrade the bathroom … or is it the kitchen … or both? Then, of course, it’s a good idea to paint and plaster and have your yard landscaped. And make sure the furnace and the roof are both fairly new. By the time you get through with all the repairs and upgrades, you’ll spend more money fixing up your old house than you were planning on spending to buy a new house. Still, there are things you can replace or add to a home that really will result in a net gain.

Add Value with Home Security

Add Value with Home Security

Over the past few years, one notable addition to the list of ways to improve the value of a home is with the addition of a home security system. There was a time when home security was too expensive for the average homeowner to afford. In those days, if a home that was for sale had a security system, it was usually looked upon as a negative. Prospective buyers would conclude that the only reason a seller would invest in an expensive security system was because the home was located in a horrifyingly dangerous neighborhood.

Today, with high-quality systems available for even the most modest homes, prospective home buyers look at a pre-installed security system not as an extravagance, but as a necessity in any type of neighborhood. A home with a security system has a real advantage over a home without.

Not only do home buyers like the safety offered by a home security system, there is a clear benefit when it comes to paying home insurance premiums; homes with security systems can result in a 20% savings in insurance payments compared to homes without security.

Of course, the reason that insurance companies encourage homeowners to have security systems is that it is a savings for the insurer. Homes without security systems are three times more likely to be burglarized than homes that have them. In fact,  60% of burglars will choose another home to burgle if they suspect some type of an alarm. Of those who do make it inside a house, only 13% say they’d continue a burglary after discovering the presence of a security system.

Another reason to have a security system installed in any home which you are selling is that, often, a home will sit empty for weeks or months. Consequently, there’s nothing more inviting to some criminals than the beckoning of a For Sale sign.

If you think that, because the home you have for sale is empty, there would be nothing to steal—think again. Thieves have been known to completely remove a home’s copper piping, copper wiring, and water heater. Not to mention criminals who take up residence in your vacant home, turning it into a shamble that will need extensive cleaning, or disgruntled teens who will vandalize a property simply because it’s there and they’re fairly certain they won’t get caught.

Those who have a property that they plan on putting up for rent would also be wise to install a security system prior to seeking tenants. Prospective tenants will like the added safety of a comprehensive system and will also like the discount in renter’s insurance.

For a landlord, having security installed in a rental property will not only attract tenants, but—just as with houses for sale—there are times when a property may sit empty for a week or two, which is long enough for criminals to remove all the pipes and wiring.

As part of Connect Security’s home security options, there are several automated features that home buyers and renters also love.

The Automated Keypad and Smart Door Locks will be appreciated by anyone who want to control entry to their home, especially those with kids. The keypad and lock allow the door to be monitored via phone or tablet from anywhere in the world. Want to know what time the kids are getting home from school? Want to know what time the cleaning people arrived? Maybe you’ve decided that the neighbor who is supposed to come in and water the plants while you’re on vacation isn’t as dependable as you thought, and you’d like to make certain they no longer have access to the house. Entry codes can be tracked or rescinded from anywhere at any time.

Another feature that homeowners and renters love is Connect Security’s Smart Thermostat. No one likes to waste money, and the Smart Thermostat not only saves money by intelligently adjusting the temperature on any schedule you choose, it also saves resources by turning on the heat or air conditioning only when it’s needed. Monitor, program, or adjust any setting on the Smart Thermostat on any phone or tablet. In the middle of summer, you can turn on the air whenever you leave work, so your residence will be the perfect temperature when you arrive home.

Whether you’re selling a home or renting a property, a home security system is not just a plus, it’s a must. Sellers and landlords will appreciate the safety that a security system offers, as will buyers and tenants. And although you can’t put a price on peace of mind, with the reasonable cost of today’s security technology, a complete system can pay for itself through insurance savings.

If you’re selling a home or have a property to rent, contact Connect Security for a free quote. You’ll be surprised at how little it costs for your home and loved ones to be safe.

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I highly recommend this company! They are always quick to resolve any issue or question I may have. The techs are friendly, quick, and always on time. It's rare to find good customer service anymore, but they are top notch!

- Amie Westfall

Great group of people. My alarm system was a pain in the butt and I made it worse with my last minute mind changes. They never missed and beat and took care of my house and did everything that was needed and more! I also no longer have the old outdated key pad I finally have a nice touchscreen!

- Jon Bradford

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