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School Fire Alarm Systems in Tucson, AZ

With 600 to 800 students, teachers, staffs and regular visitors, having a properly functioning fire alarm system is indispensable for an institution’s security. And if you are looking for one of the highest quality K-12 School fire alarm systems in Tucson, Amado, Green Valley, Hereford, Huachuca City or any other communities in Southern Arizona, Connect Security is the one to call. We offer comprehensive 24/7 fire alarm monitoring, installation, service, and inspection for educational institutions of all sizes and budgets. So call us today at 520-317-6465 to get your free fire alarm estimates.

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Fire Alarm Systems for Tucson School, College & Educational Institutions

Connect Security has been providing fire security services to Tucson’s daycare, kindergartens, elementary and middle schools, and colleges for more than a decade. Our state-of-the-art and integrated fire alarm systems can protect students in all corners of the campus. The security needs of an educational institution can be different than that of other commercial buildings. A fire can start from classroom air-condition unit malfunctioning, lab experiments going out of control to library shelves with thousands of books that can further fuel a fire breakout. We understand the risks involve and that is why we have fire alarm installation models that cater to the specific needs of an institutional facility. Our fire alarm system is designed and customized by our experts who are knowledgeable, patient and prompt to respond to our clients’ requirements. We also give free fire plan drawings to equip members of the school how to promptly and properly react to a fire alarm.

Installation, inspection monitoring and any other fire alarm customized solutions and services are offered by our FM approved monitoring station and NICET certified technicians. We are an approved and recommended fire alarm systems provider with the local Tucson metro area fire departments. With the motto ‘Protect What's Most Important to You’ we take life safety very seriously and strictly adhere to the National Fire Protection Agency and International Building Council codes and standards.

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Law Compliant Fire Alarm System Inspection, Installation and Monitoring Services for Tucson City Campuses

It is important that you remain abreast of existing laws and regulations in your town to ensure that your campus remains in full compliance. During inspection, installation or monitoring, our experts conduct a thorough examination of every corner of the school building to find any security faulty devices, deficiency or misplacements that might not be conforming to the laws and regulations in your hometown.

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Some Fire Security related compliances that need to be checked include:

  • Evacuation routes: Are current emergency evacuation routes posted in every classroom, and in public areas, including the library, auditorium, cafeteria and by each elevator? Do the evacuation routes indicate current location and are they oriented to designate the proper direction of travel?
  • Emergency lights: Do all exit and emergency lights operate under normal and emergency power?
  • Doors: Do all exit doors operate easily from the inside and free of obstructions?
  • Corridors: Is a minimum width of six feet maintained in all corridors?
  • Building address: Is the building address posted and clearly visible from the street?
  • Fire sprinkler system: If the school is equipped with an automatic fire sprinkler system, is it being inspected yearly and is all storage kept at least a minimum of 18 inches from the ceiling?
  • Fire Department: Are the Fire Department connections unobstructed and accessible?
  • Combustible material: Are areas beneath stairs free of storage and combustible material? Are areas under portable buildings clear of combustible material?
  • Shutoffs: Are gas and electrical shutoffs unobstructed and accessible?
  • Fire Alarm Devices: Are all visual devices visible and unobstructed? Are all smoke detectors and pull stations unobstructed? Are smoke detectors located in areas where children nap? Are all fire lanes clear? Is the red fire lane paint visible and not faded? Are all fire alarm audio devices audible and unobstructed?

Connect Security is glad to help you with any compliance issues. So feel free to call us at 520-317-6465 any time or send us your requirements and we will contact you ASAP.