Reliable Security System for Municipalities in Phoenix, AZ

Connect Security will assess your municipality's security requirements and install the best security measures possible. Whether you need an automated gate, parking lot monitoring, or a centralized system to oversee several properties, we have you covered.

Our team will work with your local government to plan, implement, and maintain a system tailored to your specific needs. Our service region in Arizona includes Tucson, Amado, Benson, Green Valley, and many more places.

Whether it's intruder detection, user-friendly systems with remote access, or cloud-based access control solutions, we're the go-to specialists for tailoring commercial security strategies for local governments. If you want us to help you achieve your security objectives, we can make it happen. Please get in touch with us through our website or by calling 520-231-2226 if you're interested in learning more about our services.


Importance of 24/7 Monitoring At Municipalities

It is almost hard to keep watch on your municipalities at all hours of the day and night. However, it goes without saying that this is something that has to be done. 24/7 Monitoring your towns is comparable to taking preventative measures before the outbreak of an infectious illness; for this reason, the linked technologies and services are gaining popularity all over the world.

Connect Security cameras and other alarm systems are able to satisfactorily fulfill this function across the Arizona service region that we cover. When you install the app on your phone, it will give you access to the HD1080P videos that were captured by the CCTV cameras around the office. This is in contrast to an indoor camera, which will only record events that take place in one specific location within the workplace and then save the videos for later use.

Why Choose Connect Security?

Connect Security is a one-stop shop for your municipality's security system, so you won't have to worry about anything without them. Get in touch with us right away or give us a call at 520-231-2226 or click here for more information.

Our Customers Reviews

Capital Connect is fantastic! Sean from Capital Connect set up their alarm system for my office yesterday and was very impressed with his skill and professionalism.

- Joseph N

I am so happy with my new security cameras and the entire team is AWSOME. From start to finish this company is so great. The installers are very good and very helpful.

- Bryan J

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