Ultrasonic Detection System in Phoenix & Tucson, AZ

Ultrasonic Detectors

Ultrasonic detection security systems use technology that detects intruders merely by their physical presence. An ultrasonic sensor measures the distance to an obstacle within a conic beam, then emitting a sound wave at a frequency above the range of human hearing. An ultrasonic pulse will bounce off an intruder and back to the sensor, setting an alarm.

Installation of a security system in your home or office is necessary to combat burglary, break-ins, package theft, vandalism or other criminal activity. A reliable ultrasonic detector as part of a security system from Connect Security can provide peace mind for homes or offices in Aguila, Mesa, Ajo New RiverOracleOro Valley and throughout our Arizona service area.

At Connect Security, we provide the best security systems for your homes and offices. For a home or business ultrasonic detector in the Phoenix or Tucson, AZ, areas, trust the Connect professionals. We ensure the best service and total customer satisfaction. Call 520-231-2226 or contact us online today.

Why Ultrasonic Detection Sensors By Connect in Phoenix & Tucson?

Ultrasonic Detectors
  • Color or transparency of objects: Ultrasonic sensors reflect sound off of objects, so the color or transparency has no effect on the sensor’s reading.

  • Dark environments: Unlike proximity sensors using light or cameras, dark environments have no effect on an ultrasonic sensor’s detection ability.

  • Low-cost/High Quality: Ultrasonic detectors can be affordable and come in a high-quality product range suitable for specific needs.

  • Dust, dirt, or high-moisture environments: Ultrasonic detectors can usually work well in these environments. Some are also self-cleaning and can help decrease the effects of things like condensation.

  • Accuracy: They have greater accuracy than many other methods at measuring thickness and distance to a parallel surface.

  • Deep Object Detection: Their high frequency, sensitivity, and penetrating power make it easy to detect external or deep objects.

  • Continuous Operation: Self-cleaning sensors allow for continuous running and less downtime.

  • Easy & Safe: Ultrasonic sensors are generally easy to use and not dangerous during operation to nearby objects, people, or equipment.

Trust Connect For Best Ultrasonic Detectors in Phoenix & Tucson, AZ

Connect Security provides superior, reliable ultrasonic detectorssecurity camera installationsurveillance camerasaccess control, touchless systemssmart business reporting, and many more smart home or business services. 

If you reside or work in New River, Oracle, Oro Valley, or other Phoenix or Tucson, AZ, area cities, contact us to learn more about ultrasonic detectors and how they're installed. Call 520-231-2226 or contact Connect Security online today!

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Capital Connect is fantastic! Sean from Capital Connect set up their alarm system for my office yesterday and was very impressed with his skill and professionalism.

- Joseph N

I am so happy with my new security cameras and the entire team is AWSOME. From start to finish this company is so great. The installers are very good and very helpful.

- Bryan J

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