Wednesday Debate Topic: Cellular vs. Landline Security Alarm Systems

As a consumer, you always have a choice when shopping for any product or service. You will often seek out the option that offers a perfect balance between overall cost and peace of mind. This rings true whether you are buying a new car, television, insurance policy, and perhaps most importantly, security alarm and home automation system. In the security industry, there are two formidable opponents: Cellular and Landline systems. We will review the pros and cons of each type below.

Putting your Life on the (Land)Line

Putting your Life on the (Land)Line

If you have a home telephone with a dock that is connected to a plug in your wall, odds are that phone runs on a landline service. The phone may be wireless, but it still sends and receives calls through a landline service that you pay for monthly through your phone company. A Landline Alarm System works the same way: if an alarm is triggered (be it a break-in, smoke alarm, or gas leak) then your control panel will send a signal to the central monitoring station through your standard telephone connection.

The main concern for most homeowners is that your phone line is a physical connection, meaning it is a hard wire that is susceptible to being cut by a skilled burglar. If the wire is cut and your phone line cannot send or receive calls, then when the alarm is triggered no signal will be sent to the central monitoring station. This is the exact situation that no homeowner wants to be in. Good news: it is completely avoidable!

Forget about Mixed Signals with Cellular

First and foremost, cellular monitoring requires no landline (phone connection) and no internet connection. This method uses cell towers (much like your cellphone or mobile devices do to send and receive calls) to transmit signals to and from the central monitoring station. Everything is wireless and therefore completely safe from even the most trained wire-cutting burglar. All you need is a power outlet and an adequate cell phone signal. This method does still work if you have a landline connection, it simply isn’t required.

A bonus for cellular systems is the ability to control your entire home from your computer, tablet or smart phone using an interactive application called You can check the status of your system, lock doors in case you forgot, view live camera feeds, and set the temperature to be just right for when you get home.

Who needs Wires, really?

Consumers are often confused about whether having a Landline system means they cannot get a wireless alarm system. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the Landline connection refers only to the way the control panel sends signals to the central monitoring station. Whereas, the alarm systems motion detectors, smoke detectors, cameras, etc. can either be hardwired to the control panel or connect wirelessly and run on battery-power. Of course, a hardwire connection requires drilling into walls and harder to replace, whereas a wireless connection can easily be moved from home to home and batteries typically last up to 5 years. A Cellular alarm system’s components can also be either hardwired or wireless, but the same preference holds true in that a wireless system is much more convenient and easier to maintain or transfer in the event of a move.

Winner: You, the Consumer

When all is said and done, it is you the Consumer who wins. You have the option to choose between landline or cellular, hardwired or wireless. As long as you choose to have a monitored alarm system installed in your home, you simply cannot lose. And that’s the peace of mind you can expect from Capital Connect.

Capital Connect in Tucson AZ boasts the best home security team in the region. Our professionals have the expertise and resources to help you secure your property quickly and affordably.

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