A wireless home security system is a simple, affordable way to protect you and your family. There are a number of decisions you must make before installing a security system in your Tucson AZ home. One important addition that must be considered is including security cameras. Familiarizing yourself with the varying aspects of security cameras enables you to make an informed decision about the type and number of security cameras you invest in for your new wireless home security system.

Indoor versus outdoor security cameras

Indoor versus outdoor security cameras

Interior video surveillance cameras help you keep an eye on anyone who may be in your Tucson home while you’re away, such as babysitters, house sitters, and construction workers, as well as other family members. When you’re at the office all day or out of town for the weekend, it will give you a peace of mind knowing the kids let the dog out, locked the doors, and started working on their homework. Exterior cameras deter potential criminals from breaking into or vandalizing the property. It’s important to display a security surveillance sign and have a few highly visible security cameras on the exterior premises so people are aware of the security system.

You can use an exterior security camera to monitor one specific area of the premises, such as the front door, or install multiple security cameras to survey the entire property.

Types of home security cameras

Home security cameras include single cameras, hidden cameras, multi-room cameras, and whole house cameras. Typically, your security needs and budget will dictate the type of security cameras you have installed. Single security cameras are ideal for monitoring a small section of the home, such as the front door or a living room. Hidden security cameras are intended for discrete filming, such as keeping an eye on a nanny. Multi-room and whole house security cameras are suited for both interior and exterior use.

Security camera features

Black and white versus color – Generally, color footage isn’t necessary for home security cameras. As long as the footage is high-quality, it should be sufficient for your purposes. If you install exterior cameras, consider cameras with night vision capability. Infrared LED technology is also an asset for exterior security cameras, as it will illuminate the area, producing better video footage.

Coverage – The amount of area a security camera lens can cover varies greatly. Some lenses have the sole capacity to shoot footage of the area directly in front of the lens. Wide-angle lenses cover greater square footage. Pan-tilt-zoom lenses enable 360-degree views for comprehensive footage of an entire room or an entire section of the property. As you consider exterior security cameras, look for a camera with an automatic iris, which adjusts to varying light levels automatically.

Consult with your home security provider to get their insight on and comparing prices for varying equipment. You can also get recommendations from friends and family with home security cameras. Talk to them about what they do and don’t like about their current systems.

Reputable Tucson, AZ home security providers have ample experience helping local residents select security cameras for their home security systems. Your provider will work closely with you to determine your security needs and then choose the security cameras that best meet those needs within your budget. If you ever have any questions about video surveillance cameras, don’t hesitate to ask.

Update your home security system today and give yourself peace of mind. Protect your house and your family from vandals, break-ins or thieves. From protecting your loved ones to preventing theft and property damage, installing a home security system with security cameras is very important. Have ultimate control in your home with a professionally installed home security system. Contact Capital Connect Tucson to schedule your home security system consultation today!

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