Safety Tips for Protecting your Home and Family from Smarter Criminals

A New Security Threat. Criminals are constantly searching for, and finding, new ways to quickly enter a home undetected. To protect their families and valuables, homeowners typically install deadbolt locks on their doors as an added security measure. Recently, however, how-to guides have appeared online, informing the general public of an oft used locksmith trick that criminals are using to break into homes. Luckily, today’s top locksmith companies are manufacturing affordable deadbolt locks with added security features that are guaranteed ‘bump’ proof.

Lock Bumping is a Major Security Hazard

Lock Bumping is a Major Security Hazard

Most deadbolt locks use a pin tumbler lock. This mechanic works as follows: When the correct key is inserted into the keyhole, a series of spring-loaded pin stacks are lifted. The lower of two stacked pins – or key pins – slide into the unique grooves of the key. The top pins – or driver pins – are then perfectly aligned at their base, allowing the cylinder to turn, rotating the key pins away from the driver pins, thereby unlocking the deadbolt.

A pin tumbler lock can be ‘bumped’ by using a bump key. This key has specially designed teeth that allow someone to insert it one notch shy of the full key hole. Once inserted, the key head is bumped with a blunt object. The bump forces the key further into the keyhole. During this split-second process, the force from the bump causes the drive pins to jump up, leaving the key pins in place atop the specially designed teeth to rotate with the cylinder and unlock the deadbolt.

Smarter Locks are the Key to Safety

With smarter criminals come smarter security devices, and a ‘bump-proof’ deadbolt lock is no exception. Lock bumping only works with a pin tumbler lock, which requires a clear break from both pins to allow the cylinder to rotate. To combat this, locksmith professionals like Kwikset manufactured an innovative new electronic deadbolt lock with their patented BumpGuard and SmartKey technologies.

“The BumpGuard component of a SmartKey lock incorporates a patented side locking bar which replaces the traditional pin and tumbler design, to provide protection against lock-bumping techniques.” SmartKey technology is also great for more cautious homeowners, anyone that recently moved or had service workers in your home.

“It gives [homeowners] the ability to re-key your lock in less than 30 seconds while still providing superior security …If you are concerned about a lost or unauthorized duplication of your key, you can simply replace the key and not the lock.”

Give your Family the Ultimate Defense

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