Monitored Security Systems: Why you can Trust Monitronics to Keep your Family Safe

Over 700,000 customers trust our monitoring partner, Monitronics, to protect their lives and property every day because they are experts in residential home security monitoring.

Home Security that Works for You

Home Security that Works for You

An alarm system has four key components: control panel, window/door sensors, motion detectors, and an alarm unit. Typically, the alarm unit and control panel are installed separately. However, as mentioned in one of our previous posts, our latest Go!Control panels are self-contained. If a door sensor or motion detector is triggered, your alarm system will send a signal (see below for more details on how this signal is sent) to the Monitronics Central Monitoring Station.

Upon receiving such signal, a licensed and trained service representative will take the appropriate measures to contact you immediately in order to verify the legitimacy of the alarm. If necessary, the service representative will notify the proper authorities to dispatch emergency services to your home or business.

Don’t get your Signals Crossed

Until recently, the most popular way for a signal to be sent from your alarm unit to the central monitoring station was through your telephone line. The problem with this is that burglars quickly learned they could easily cripple any home security system by finding and cutting the telephone line. Luckily, the newest wave of security systems takes advantage of one of the following technologies to send your alarm signal: Broadband/VoIP or Cellular. Capital Connect‘s alarm systems use the latter method, which is safer, more secure, and doesn’t even require a phone line. In fact, with a cellular alarm unit, all systems are located within your home, so there’s no need to worry about tampering or vandalism by unsuspecting burglars.

5-Stars are Nice, but Diamonds are Forever

Monitronics is a Five-Diamond Certified monitoring company, as awarded by the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) for upstanding a commitment to employing highly trained, certified and proficient operators to handle each emergency customer scenario that may occur. This certification has been awarded to less than 2% of all U.S. central monitoring stations and, as Monitronics CEO Mike Haislip said, “signifies our commitment to being the nation’s top-level central station”.

The Best Way is Two-Way

As mentioned above, when any of your window/door sensors, motion detectors, smoke or fire alarms are triggered, your alarm unit sends a signal to the central monitoring station. As soon as Monitronics receives this signal, an operator will contact you directly through the alarm unit in your control panel to verify whether you are in the home or that a break-in/emergency has occurred and the proper authorities need to be notified. From the Monitronics website:

“Through a hands-free, two-way speaker system, you can talk with the Monitronics monitoring center to alert us of your emergency or situation. Because you’re the only one who can activate the system, your privacy is maintained – and you’re in charge, because Two-Way Interactive Audio Verification can’t happen unless you choose to initiate the system or the alarm is triggered.”

Monitronics Always On and Never Far Away

With monitoring services from Monitronics, your family and home or business are protected 24 hours a day, 365 days per year by the nation’s highest-rated professional operators. With response times on average less than 23 seconds and a commitment to excellent customer service, it’s no wonder Monitronics was named Alarm Provider of the Year for 2010 and 2008 by Frost & Sullivan. And with a fully cellular monitored alarm system from Capital Connect, you know that in any emergency situation, help is already on its way.

If you are considering adding a home security system, a security camera or home automation; contact the security experts at Capital Connect Tucson. Capital Connect Tucson can help you with all of your home security needs. Call 520-231-2226 today. Request a Quote onlineor come by the office located at 6400 E Grant Rd #270, Tucson, AZ.

Our Customers Reviews

I highly recommend this company! They are always quick to resolve any issue or question I may have. The techs are friendly, quick, and always on time. It's rare to find good customer service anymore, but they are top notch!

- Amie Westfall

Great group of people. My alarm system was a pain in the butt and I made it worse with my last minute mind changes. They never missed and beat and took care of my house and did everything that was needed and more! I also no longer have the old outdated key pad I finally have a nice touchscreen!

- Jon Bradford

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