Burglars Caught by Surprise: Crime Prevention Stories that may Shock You

Here at Capital Connect, our highest priority is that our customers receive the absolute best products and service to ensure their home or business is protected 24/7. In most cases, a home security system is the best crime prevention and frequently all it takes to ensure the burglar is caught red-handed by fast-acting local authorities who respond to the alarm signal. But as you’ll see in the stories below, there are several ways to catch a thief.

Blinded by the Light

Blinded by the Light

Police responded to a possible break-in call from the Central New Mexico Community College. When they arrived, they noticed the suspect tried to get away, but got stuck in the window blinds. Identified as 38 year old Thomas Molina, the suspect said he was looking for computer hardware. He was later charged with burglary and breaking and entering.

A Father Never Forgets

While out with his two young daughters on a leisurely bike ride one afternoon, a Middletown man noticed a young man bolt out of his neighbor’s front door with a coin jar. The young man took off running, while the witness told his daughters to get home quickly and then chased after the alleged burglar on two wheels. He yelled to get the young man’s attention, but to no avail. The suspect hopped in a car and started to drive off. Luckily, the pursuant chased after long enough to memorize the car’s license number. He spotted a mailman nearby, recited the plate number, and the mailman notified the police. Police tracked the number to a home in Falls where two men were arrested and admitted to their involvement in the crime.

An Unwelcome Guest Appears On-Screen

A Florida woman, whose home had been burglarized once before, convinced her husband to have a wireless remote-access video surveillance system installed. Since the system she purchased wasn’t pet-friendly (unlike our pet-friendly motion sensors), she deactivated the motion sensors. However, she set the video cameras to record footage so she could check the live feed from her laptop at any time. One day while at work, she had a suspicious feeling. “I was sitting at the office and I had this feeling something was wrong. So I logged on and when I logged on there was this man standing in my living room.” As it turns out, the woman was now witnessing a robbery in progress in her home. She immediately called 911 and reported what she saw as it happened. Police responded to the scene and arrested two men without incident.

Plan Ahead for Safety and Security

There are many ways to catch a burglar before it’s too late. While the stories above serve as testimonies to the power of fast-acting neighbors, well-placed window blinds, and sheer intuition, the most powerful burglar deterrent is a monitored home security system with video surveillance and remote access capabilities. For more home safety tips, in general and for when your family goes on vacation, visit our facebook page. To learn more about wireless monitored security systems, visit our website at capitalconnect.com.

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