3 Smart Automated Keyless

3 smart locks that are opening the door to an automated keyless future

Your entire home is connected and saving you energy while keeping your family safe from fire, theft and other emergencies. Now it’s time to connect your front door to your pocket with smart lock, and while you’re at it, forget worrying about losing your key.Enter Smart Door Lock technology: keyless entry systems that automatically communicate with your smart phone the moment you walk up to your front door. Once installed (either DIY or by a professional), you just need to download an app, sync your device, and let the future begin! Below are brief introductions with pros and cons of the 3 most popular smart locks that are coming soon to the home automation market.

Goji Smart Lock

Loss of key requires a locksmith
Security holes if Wi-Fi goes down before online key blacklist is updated

Goji Smart Lock

The Goji Smart Lock takes pictures of who is at your door and automatically sends you picture alerts to your mobile phone. Other features are very similar to the three options below, including: keyless entry via close proximity to the smart lock with smartphone in your hand or pocket, programmable electronic access keys with ability to set specific access schedules, bluetooth and wi-fi technology, and a circular, nest-like aesthetic.

Easy keyless entry
Instant picture message sent to phone of person at the door
Set access schedules electronically
24/7 customer support
Retail price: $279. Support the Goji Smart Lock Indiegogo campaign.

Kevo from Kwikset

With smartphone in your pocket, kevo will unlock your door right when you tap on the circular dead-bolt lock installed in your door. No codes to memorize. No keys to search for. Just touch once to unlock. If you don’t have a compatible smartphone, kevo offers a keyfob remote with key that has the same auto-unlock feature as long as you are near your front door. Kevo also lets you send eKeys to anyone you want. You can set permissions through the Kevo mobile app so certain people only have access at set times of the day.

What We Like:
Easy keyless entry
No codes to memorize
Quickly send electronic key to family, friends, neighbors

What We Don’t Like:
Only works with iPhone 4s and 5
Not completely hands-free

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