Flame Detector Installation in Tucson & Phoenix, AZ

To safeguard your home against fire hazards as much as possible, it's wise to install a residential flame detector as part of your home security system. Connect Security flame detectors are powered by top-end brands like Alarm.com in the Tucson & Phoenix, AZ, areas.

Each flame detector we provide is specifically designed to meet the needs of your home, whether you need only a flame alarm or want to add a carbon monoxide (CO) detection system as well. Because no one can predict when a fire will happen, you should minimize fire danger wherever possible. Our alarms and flame detectors will help you act quickly in case of a fire-related event. For flame detector installation or service by Connect Security, call us today at 520-231-2226 to schedule an appointment.

flame Detector

Carbon Monoxide Detection By Connect Security

Carbon monoxide (CO) detection by Connect Security is another potentially life-saving feature that impacts many homeowners. Because the deadly gas is colorless and odorless, it is easy to overlook in your home until it is too late.

Install a CO detection system that is part of your comprehensive flame & fire detection system from AVS Concepts. Our detector will alert you when elevated levels of CO surface in your home. Just like our fire alarm systems, these audible alerts let you recognize the potential for danger so your family can safely evacuate.

Connect Security Flame Detectors Give Peace of Mind in Phoenix, AZ

Connect Security interactive services allow you to control and monitor your home or business from anywhere in the world, giving you peace of mind that everything is okay when you are not there. As experts in home security, automation, flame detectors and fire alarms, the technicians at Connect Security can identify, install and maintain the perfect system to fit the needs of your property and your budget.

Call us today at 520-231-2226 to schedule an appointment in Casa Adobes, Green Valley, Lukeville, Morristown, Youngtown, and any other parts within our service area, or contact us online for more information.

Our Customers Reviews

Capital Connect is fantastic! Sean from Capital Connect set up their alarm system for my office yesterday and was very impressed with his skill and professionalism.

- Joseph N

I am so happy with my new security cameras and the entire team is AWSOME. From start to finish this company is so great. The installers are very good and very helpful.

- Bryan J

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